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Chapter 4 (May 2016)

"He is very sympathetic, but too old for my sister" answered Ilias, without making the girls happy, since they were waiting for a more "brutal" confirmation of his manhood... Such as "if he tries to go closer to by sister, I will kill him or this funny guy is going to date with my sister, it's out of question" or something similar that someone would expect from a professional butcher such as Ilias. However, Ilias acted as a butcher of poultries instead of a butcher of cows! And Lena was really unhappy for that, but said nothing, because Ilias was not Zambidis, but for the time being, there was no reason for sending him to find her late husband in Mykonos together with the storks. 

And time was passing, and Litsa and Lena were moving around with their almost perfect men without doing something extraordinary that could fill their empty lives. Until one day, that Litsa -who had always the best ideas-, said to Lena: "Do you want to live an adventure? What about a visit to Hollywood?" She didn't have to repeat her idea, because Lena had already made her suitcases.

After one month, the girlfriends, were walking around L.A. without of course Markos and Ilias, to whom they had said that they were planning to go for a spa to Kamena Vourla. The girls were wishing to have good luck in L.A, such as meeting George Clooney or falling on Johnny Depp or having at least manicure next to Kim Kardashian.

However, things didn't go that well, but even when they have tried to put on force their Plan B, they haven't managed to be successful... One day, their luck changed. As they got out of a big store, after endless shopping, Lena got a cramp on her foot and fall down with extreme pain. Litsa, hysteric as usually, started screaming: "A doctor please, a doctor please!!" And then a miracle happened, and poor Lena heard a voice telling her "Can I help you Madam?" As she raised her head, she saw Derek, the handsome doctor from Grey's Anatomy staring at her with his bright blue eyes. Lena was so happy seeing him, that she lost her voice. She was just watching him like a damp, moving her head up and down without making him understand, if she needed help or not. And Derek, although he tried hard, he heard no answer, so he left... leaving Lena alone. You cannot imagine what happened next... Litsa was naming Lena with bad words such as "Stupid, Damp and other French words of the same quality", Lena was screaming not out of pain, but because she had acted like a jerk and the people around them who could not understand the Greek language, was trying to find out if the girls needed psychiatric help or not.

After all these unlucky events, the girls got back home in Greece. However, when they have opened their cell phones and tried to call their almost perfect guys, they have realized that both of them for unknown reasons, had their mobiles out of order. Then...   

(To be continued...)




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